We won the Silver Award.


  • Register for iGEM, have a great summer, and attend the Giant Jamboree.
  • Create a team wiki sharing background information, context, inspirations and goals for the project, and documentation of your process and outcomes.
  • Present a poster and talk at the Giant Jamboree.
  • Demonstrate the use of art and design for thoughtful, critical investigation of the current and future implications of synthetic biology. → Project
  • Demonstrate the active engagement of engineers, scientists, members of the public, and other stakeholders as part of your project, during the initiation, development, presentation, and documentation your project. → Acknowledgements


  • Create a short film about or as part of your project. This video must be sent to the committee and iGEM HQ.
  • Design and execute a workshop or event for a group of people outside of your team. → Workshop, Open House and High School Visit
  • Produce an installation or experiment (does not need to be biological) and document it or recreate it at iGEM (please contact to arrange space for presenting your project before October 1st).