The Heidelberg iGEM Team would like to thank everyone for their contributions, small or large. A number of groups and individuals aided us over the course of our project and we would like to express our thanks.

A special thank you to our instructors and advisors for asking the right questions and advising in problem solving.

All PCRs, primer designs, cloning reactions, gels, minipreps, nanodropping, competent cell making, etc. were performed by members of Heidelberg iGEM Team 2014. Dr. Agustin Rodriguez taught us how to do Western Blots. All sample preparation for sequencing and blotting were done by members of Heidelberg iGEM Team 2014.

Specifically Anna, Magdalena and Silvan worked on DNMT1 (idea suggested by Nils' sister!); Charlotte, Nils and Max W. worked on the Linker Screening; Constanin and Max W. worked on Xylanase; Carolin and Jakob worked on the split fluorescence reconstitution and light induction of inteins; Elisabeth, Max W. and Jan worked on the Toolbox; Nils developed CRAUT and performed modeling; Silvan and Max H. developed the MidnightDoc; Constantin and Max H. established iGEM@home; Charlotte and Max H. implemented the Wiki. Elisabeth initiated the synthetic biology, ethics and religion theme evening. All projects have been presented and extensively discussed in group meetings with the entire team and the supervisors/instructors.

Great thanks to Michael Blessenohl for taking pictures and documenting our work with his camera, to Stefan Holderbach cutting the video for iGEM@home, Leon Binder composing the music for our iGEM@home video, Lisa Theobald for visualising the split intein reaction and Stefan Huber helping us with our design. Many biotechnology companies sponsored us by sending us lab utilities. A list of our sponsors can be found at the bottom of our wiki. Sequencing reactions were dispatched to GATC. Primers and oligos were ordered from Sigma Aldrich.

Especially we want to thank Prof. Dr. Henning D. Mootz for sharing his expertise on inteins with us and sending several of his intein constructs.

Moreover, we would like to thank Dr. Pavel Bashtrykov for his great support in answering our questions about DNMT1 and sending the essential construct for our work.

In the following we mentioned all individuals and working groups, which greatly supported us with their expertise.


University Heidelberg, BioQuant

Prof. Dr. Robert Russell (AG Russell)
Dr. Karsten Rippe (AG Rippe)
Stephanie Trauth (AG Bischof)

Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS)

Prof. Dr. Rebecca Wade

University Heidelberg, Center for Molecular Biology Heidelberg (ZMBH)

Prof. Dr. Matthias Mayer

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)

Dr. Martina Schnölzer
Dr. Uwe Warnken
Prof. Dr. Frank Lyko
Dr. Dieter Weichenhan

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Institute of Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Henning D. Mootz

University Stuttgart

Prof. Albert Jeltsch
Dr. Pavel Bashtrykov

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Prof. Dinshaw Patel

University of California, Riverside

Prof. Jikui Song