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The Team

Hello from Bonnie Scotland! We are the Glasgow University iGEM team: a group of ragtag superheroes from both the School of Life Sciences and the School of Engineering. Our official iGEM profile can be found here (opens in a new window).


The main body of the team is composed of 10 undergraduate (4th year) students, mainly studying genetics, but with a plant scientist and two biomedical engineers as well.
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Beth Robbie Amy

The wet lab:

  • Lydia Alldred (Genetics)
  • Martin Campbell (Genetics)
  • Jake Casson (Molecular and Cellular Biology with Plant Science).
  • Amy Ferguson (Genetics)
  • Beth Greig (Genetics)
  • Gemma McLelland (Genetics)
  • Jacob Roberts (Genetics)
  • Gintarė Sendžikaitė (Genetics)

The dry lab
  • Aimee Bias (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Robbie Evans (Biomedical Engineering)


Dr Sean Colloms
While not walking in the Scottish Highlands and shoulder crunching at prehistoric stone circles, Sean likes to tie knots in DNA and dream up new applications for DNA transposition and site-specific recombination.

Professor Marshall Stark
Marshall's main research interest is site-specific recombination. He also has an impressive collection of amusing facts and anecdotes, which were excellent at distracting us from important lab work.

Dr Julien Reboud
Julien's current research interests have a focus on integrating biology and engineering for the benefits of healthcare and industry. Two of his focuses are Acoustofluidics (for sample manipulation), and of course, synthetic biology.

Jumai Abioye
Jumai recently graduated from the MSc Biotechnology programme at the University of Glasgow and she is currently working towards her PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the same University.

Zhao Jia
Jia is a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. Her research interest is constructing novel genetic circuits to enable cells to perform useful functions. She hopes these designs will be used in the future cellular computers.

Emma Smith
In between attending young researchers socials to indulge on free wine and crisps, Emma can be found working towards her PhD at the University of Glasgow. In the future, she hopes to be in a dark corner of the lab editing genomes.


Wilkins is the name of our summer laboratory, and also our Team Mascot! He's a not-so-lean, definitely not mean - but he is kinda green - badness fighting machine. We've documented his origin story and super hero exploits in our comic: The Story of Wilkins!
He gained his rather fetching traffic cone hat after joining us for the summer - when in Glasgow, do as the Glaswegians do!

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