Open Lab Blueprint

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The Open Lab Blueprint is an easy-to-follow guide to launch and develop a sustainable community biolab. The website is a work in progress and is hosting at This Blueprint is a holistic view of the community biolab and includes the following components:

  • Starting up a lab, including identifying the right space, acquisition of key equipment, and efficiently implementing safety standards and best practices.
  • Developing a community, including building awareness, developing programs of engagement for students, the amateur scientists, and the general public, and collaborating with the broader scientific and educational communities.
  • Creating unique content, including educational resources, using the Genspace curriculum and engaging activities, focused on tailored, site-specific explorations and experiments.
  • Operating a biolab, including a resource base of protocols for standard genetic engineering activities, geared towards a budget-constrained lab, operational best-practices ranging from procurement of reagents to proper storage of experiments, and financial sustainability models.

This site map describes what the Open lab Blueprint will cover:

Project Overview 2