Genetic engineering and other lab work

  • Allison Birnbaum
  • Giorgia Cannici
  • Jacinda Chen
  • Yuriy Fazylov
  • Eric Fernandez
  • Martin R. Golden
  • Christal Gordan
  • Christine Jackson
  • Ramsez McCall

OpenLab Blueprint Website and iGEM Wiki

  • Karen Ingram
  • Christine Jackson
  • Ashley Quinn

FamiLab Group

  • Dave Casey
  • Christine Doan
  • Max Jackson

OpenTron - Liquid Handling Robot

  • Will Canine


  • Will Canine
  • Eric Fernandez
  • Ashley Quinn

Special thanks to Autodesk and Dr. Tony Albino, who generously provided financial support for this project and team.

Special thanks to our advisers Dr. Ellen Jorgensen, Dr. Julie Wolf, Dr. Jean Peccoud, and Dr. Tom Knight.

Special thanks to Prof. Ruben Savizky in the Chemistry Department at Cooper Union for the use of his fluorimeter.

Special thanks to Nate Kolbeck for being our awesome videographer.