IGEM Evry 2014

Overview- Achievements

Medals requirements

Gold Medal

Silver Medal

Bronze Medal

iGEM prizes

Environmental track

  • - Real-time monitoring with a bioactive filtration system, a sponge and its microbiome.

  • - Design with the aim not to introduce a new species in a fragile ecosystem.

  • - Environnementaly safe design, not transferrable to descendance.

  • - Working on an organism people know and are confortable with: the "bath sponge".

Best measurement

  • - Participation to the Interlab Study working not only on the 3 mandatory genetic devices but also the 18 promoters from Anderson’s library.

  • - Designed a phenol biosensor able to detect phenol at lower concentrations than previous teams.

Best Policy & Practices Advance

  • - Extensive report of our philosophical reflexion on the contrast between the ambitions of synthetic biology (rigorous designs) and the reality (trial, error and kludges), which we conducted over the summer.

  • - Debate on the ethical questions raised by the modification of an animal's microbiome, and by the use of an animal as a bioremediation tool in potentially toxic areas.

  • - Reflexion about the risks inherent to the release of genetically modified organisms in seawater, and on the possibility and efficiency of epibiosis as a biological containment.

Best New Basic Part

  • - Bring Transposons Tn10 to the iGEM competition, giving a chance to other teams to develop a project in a wider range of chassis.

Projects Achievements

Chassis characterization

New Vector

  • - Transposon-based vector was created to overcome resistance mechanisms to DNA entrance

  • - Proof of concept to use it in Pseudovibrio denitrificans was achieved

New or Optimized sensors Sensors