IGEM Evry 2014

Team - Acknowledgments

We wanted to thank those who supported us during the project and made it possible!

iGEM Evry project 2014 was able to see the light of day thanks to brilliant people. We have dedicated this page to them.

« People in the shadow be remarkably intelligent »

First of all, Jean-Loup Faulon, director of the Institute of Systems & Synthetic Biology who welcomed us in his lab!
All the member of iSSB and Genopole for their support during our project, shared their knowledge, gave us advises, tips and solution when we needed !
Special thank to Brian, who give us a piece of our project (transposon vector)

The CEA team, which helps us and especially to Magali Boutard who gave us a lot of her time and advices for RNA-seq preparation, likewise Andrew and Pierre Loïc Saaidi (for the lead preparation). Karine Labadie, Arnaud Lemainque who gave us advices for the RNA-seq and the DNA-seq, but of course nice technicians of their team.

The French National Museum of Natural History team : MDCEM (Molécules de défense et de communication dans les écosystèmes microbiens)

Dr Thomas Drepper from Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Institute of Molecular Enzyme Technology, Group of Bacterial Photobiotechnology, he gave us advises and sent us his plasmid in order to transform our bacterium.

As well, Marine Mohmmed (mar-in) who made our video, logo and schemas ; François Xavier Lehr who designed our brochure; Oleh Zasadnyy for creating the wiki template; Olivier Leplus and Jean-Baptiste Munieres who helped with the wiki and Audam Chhun who helped with proofreading.

Last but not least, all our sponsors that make our project achievable !