iGEM Concordia 2014

SynBio Blocks Game

Tile by tile, atom by atom, you can use the power of synthetic biology to create a genetically-engineered microalgae capable of producing valuable products such as biofuels! This game, based on the open-source 2048 game, is making our project and the concept of synthetic biology accessible to the general population in a fun and recognizable way. Play the game for free here.

Project Summary Video

Article by The Concordian

One of Concordia's newspapers, The Concordian, interviewed the iGEM Concordia 2014 team and wrote a piece entitled "Playing with the Legos of Life". This publicity makes our project more easily understandable by the layman and beautifully showcases its societal importance.

Alberta Genetic Engineered Machines:
A Geekstarter Workshop

"This was a miniature iGEM competition held in Calgary that my supervisor and I attended and it was hosted by Alberta’s Geekstarter. I was really glad that I could attend such an event because I was eager to show others what Concordia’s 2014 iGEM team has been tinkering with for the past four months. Although we focused on a microorganism, we seek to address macro-scale problems in our current society. These little organisms helped maintain life on this earth for so many years, so this year Concordia is colliding synthetic biology and microalgae to engineer a more sustainable future. Although we are still in the mist for attaining our ultimate goal, we hope to at least show how much untapped potential there is in microalgae."

- Dilan Jaunky, iGEM Concordia 2014 Team Member

Future Endeavors

On October 21, we will be presenting our project to the entire Concordia University. We aim to inform students on the benefits of synthetic biology, generate interest in research and spread the word about iGEM.

We will also be presenting our project during Concordia’s October 24 Undergraduate Research Showcase. This presentation will aim to inform fellow undergraduate researchers of the benefits of microalgal biodiesel and the potential to use Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Chlorella species as a chassis species for future synthetic biology research.

Inspirational Lab Work Video

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