iGEM Concordia 2014

We would like to thank Concordia University for their great help and generous support towards iGEM Concordia 2014.The completion of this project couldn’t have been done without the supervision of Dr. Malcolm Whiteway and Dr. Nawwaf Kharma as well as the guidance of the graduate students (mentioned below) in helping us with the many difficult technical and theoretical aspects of this project. Deepest gratitude are also due to Dr. Vincent Martin who allowed us to work in his lab throughout the summer and fall. Without this space and equipment, our project wouldn’t have been possible. We would also like to thank our sponsors and everyone else who supported iGEM Concordia.


Concordia University

Concordia University Centre for Structural and Functional Genomics

Concordia University Department of Biology

Concordia University Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science

Concordia University Office of the VP, Research & Graduate Studies

Concordia University Biology Student Association

Concordia University Faculty of Arts and Science

Concordia University Engineering and Computer Science Association

Concordia Sustainability Action Fund

Concordia University Office of Research

Concordia University Small Grants Project


Chlamydomonas Resource Center



General Support

Dr. Vincent Martin

Project Support and Advice

Dr. William Zerges (and lab)
Dr. Alisa Piekny
Dr. Patrick Gulick

Fundraising Help and Advice

Laura Leclerc

Lab Support

Michel Harvey

Difficult Technique Support

Zach Wiltshire
Marshall Timmermans
Shoham Mookerjee
Lauren Narcross
Alex Campbell

Project Advisor Support

Dr. Malcolm Whiteway
Dr. Nawwaf Kharma

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