University of Calgary

The 2014 University of Calgary iGEM team would like to thank and acknowledge the support received from the University in terms of stipends, support personnel, facilities and materials all of which made this project possible. The O’Brien Centre for the Bachelor of Health Sciences provided laboratories and a classroom for us to work in, even allowing us to continue our work into the fall term. Special thanks to the Faculty of Medicine and Schulich School of Engineering for their financial support. We'd like to thank Will Gill, an intern at the Schulich School of Engineering Machine Shop, for building our prototype, and performing the fluid flow analysis.

Advisor and Instructor Support

All research was conducted by the undergraduate members on our team. We did however have guidance from a number of advisors. Special thanks to Anthony Schryvers and Anders Nygren for their consistent leadership and support despite their busy schedules. Cesar Rodriguez was our go-to resource for all things tech related, and was invaluable with helping us develop our schematic. And of course, thanks to our always patient graduate advisors, Dave Curran and Jamie Fegan.

Additional Professors and University Staff

We would like to thank a few other Professors and staff who guided our project. The incredibly generous Dr. Huddleston provided us with ample amounts of gram and spore staining solutions, for which we are eternally grateful. Dr. Wong was kind enough to provide us with B. subtilis with which our project was based; and provided us with guidance on how to transform the cells. Dr. Abebe Bayih and Dr. Lisa Allen Scott were both incredibly important mentors to us when developing our project and the experience they provided us with is priceless.

External Support

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Mofoluwaso Abolarin for gracing us with an interview from which we were able to draw from his firsthand experiences. The Public Health Agency of Canada for providing us with the incredible opportunity to attend the Biological and Toxin Weapons Conference. In addition, the Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics for taking time to advise our Policies and Practices team amidst a busy time of year. Lastly, the Health Policy Project provided us with their immense knowledge regarding biological policies that could affect our final device. Also, a huge thank you to Gary Cheung for taking wonderful pictures at Beakerhead, and Iain George and Sean Booth from BGSA for Bacteria Art.