Sample Preparation Protocols

TwistDx RPA Kit Protocol

* Taken from the TwistDx Protocol Manual

For each sample, prepare the rehydration solution as follows:

  • Primer A (10 μM) 2.4 μl
  • Primer B (10 μM) 2.4 μl
  • Rehydration Buffer 29.5 μl
  • Template and dH2O 13.2 μl
  • (Total Volume 47.5 μl)

Vortex and spin briefly.

  1. The components of the rehydration solution can be combined in a master-mix for the number of samples required. In some circumstances, for example when performing a primer screen, a number of different rehydration solutions have to be made (here according to the number of primer pairs being tested). In that case components common to all reactions (e.g. template, rehydration buffer, water) should be prepared as a master-mix, distributed in a corresponding volume into fresh tubes, and be combined with the required volume of the different primer pairs. The different rehydration solutions are then used as normal according to the protocol.
  2. NOTE: Primers and probes should be added simultaneously to pellets to avoid any bias in recombination filament TwistAmp® Basic kit
  3. For each sample, transfer 47.5 μl of the rehydration solution to the reaction pellet. Mix by pipetting up and down until the entire pellet has been resuspended.
  4. For each sample, add 2.5 μl 280 mM magnesium acetate and mix well. One way to do this simultaneously for many samples is to place the magnesium acetate into the lid of the reaction tubes (strip of 8) cap the tubes carefully and spin the magnesium acetate into the rehydrated material to initiate the reactions. Invert vigorously 8-10 times to mix and spin down once again.
  5. Insert the tubes into a suitable incubator block (optimum 37-39 °C) and incubate for 4 minutes.
  6. After 4 minutes, take the samples out of the incubator, invert vigorously 8-10 times to mix, spin down and return the samples to the incubator block. (VARIATION IN THE EXACT TIME OF SAMPLE AGITATION CAN SOMETIMES IMPROVE PRODUCT FORMATION).
  7. Continue the incubation/detection for a total incubation time of 20-40 minutes. If a timecourse of TwistAmp® Basic reaction is being taken the incubation time has to be adjusted as required. At the end of the incubation proceed to “Monitoring TwistAmp® Basic amplification reactions”.

KAPA Blood PCR Kit Protocol

* Taken from the KAPA Blood PCR Kit Manual

Whole human EDTA blood may be added to a final volume of 1 - 20% in the PCR reaction (i.e. 0.5 - 10.0 µl in a 50 µl reaction). Reaction volumes ranging from 10 to 50 µl may be used. Thorough mixing of the blood and other reaction components prior to thermal cycling is important.

A typical reaction is set up by mixing the components in the order listed in the table below. Once pipetting has been completed, shake or spin tubes briefly to collect all components in the bottom of the tube. Vortex to mix but do not spin again before reactions are placed in the thermocycler.

A typical 3-step cycling profile for Whole Blood PCR with KAPA Blood PCR Mix A or B is given in the table below.