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Cellock Holmes – a case of identity

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Pathogens on solid surfaces in places where good hygiene is crucial pose a serious threat, since – even after cleaning – these can still be present in dangerous amounts. This is demonstrated by the high number of 3.2 million patients each year that have to be treated due to in the health sector acquired infections. And 37000 of those infections end deadly. The EU estimates that at least 20-30% of those cases would be preventable with an intensive hygiene program. However, for a more effective control these respective pathogens have to be identified. We are developing a system that makes this possible. We are constructing a device with which pathogens can be detected easily, efficiently, effectively and less expensively by utilising genetically modified cells. We focus on a fast response time coupled with an automated analysis. Our project is not only applicable to the detection of pathogens but we are looking to develop it further into a platform for a general 2D detection of nearly any cell or substance.