Team:Valencia Biocampus/Biobricks



For developing the St2OOL Project ten biobricks (made of parts from the Registry) were picked out. All of them were simple devices consisting of a range of different promoters coupled to reporter sequences: three of these biobricks were fluorescent proteins, GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein) and RFP (Red Fluorescent Protein), under the control of constitutive promoters of different strength. We also chose lacZ and luciferase as reporters under the control of inducible promoters (temperature, antibiotic presence and IPTG). And, last but not least, blue and yellow chromoproteins with pT7 as promoter were selected.

To check the biological parts (BioBricks) submitted to the Registry of Standard Biological Parts by the Valencia Biocapus iGEM team see the table shown below.


Why did we choose BBa_K1468000 and BBa_K1468004 as our favourite Biobricks?

On one hand, we chose BBa_K1468000 because it is probably one the best characterized BioBricks in the Registry: its behaviour was tested in 6 different Escherichia coli strains, checked under a vast range of environmental conditions (salt concentration, pH, vacuum, temperature and UV light) and the modularity of the part was studied by transforming the chassis with an equal plasmid containing a similar biobrick (same promoter + gene encoding a Red Fluorescent Protein, RFP). On the other hand, BBa_K1468004 was chosen for being the most standard of the constructions used in the St2OOL project.