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Attributions in a nutshell

Attributions in a nutshell

Divya Chugani. Stability

Pedro Dorado. Standardization and Human Practices

Juan Faus. Human Practices

Alba Frías. Standardization

Marco Fritschi. Modeling

Xabier Molero. Modeling and hardware (robot)

Ernesto Segredo. Modeling

Kristie Tanner. Orthogonality and Functional metagenomics

Paula Villaescusa. Stability and Functional metagenomics

Attributions in detail

Project: the idea.

We came to The St2OOL project after many brainstorming meetings including all the team. It would be impossible to define authors here: we all contributed to the design of the project.


Done by Divya Chugani (who mainly recorded the performance of the BioBricks under different conditions) and Paula Villaescusa (mainly chassis characterization and fatigue experiments).


All the experiments were designed and conducted by Pedro Dorado and Alba Frías.

Orthogonality and functional metagenomics.

Kristie Tanner led the subteam, also formed by Paula Villaescusa and Pedro Dorado.

Human Practices.

Juan Faus developed the dictionary for scientists and Pedro Dorado the dictionary for law students. Both prepared the Report on Human Practices focusing on IP.


Pedro Dorado, Alba Frías and Divya Chugani performed all the work to amplify, clone and submit our Biobricks to the registry. Pedro also prepared most of the characterization data for the Registry.


Performed by Ernesto Segredo and Marco Fritschi (biochemistry students) and the engineering student Xavier Molero.

Hardware & Robot.

Design and construction by Xavier Molero.


All of us!


Paula Villaescusa (watercolor) and Juan Faus (layout).


Kristie Tanner will lead this important responsibility.


All original watercolors in the wiki, poster or talk by Paula Villaescusa. Shrek’s parody “welcome to The St2OOL” sung by Paula and Kristie Tanner. YMCA original idea by Kristie and played by all the team. Epigenetic musical interpretation of Biobrick sequences played by Kristie.


Of all the Valencia Biocampus supervisors/advisors pool, some performed a particularly outstanding job. Their implication in the project as well as their email addresses in case it was required to contact them, are as follows:

Wetlab work

Wetlab work including standardization and orthogonality mainly supervised by Cristina Vilanova (PhD student: and Juli Peretó (professor at University of Valencia and instructor: Stability and robot design supervised by Manuel Porcar (Researcher at the University of Valencia:


Supervised by Carlos Peña (CSIC reasercher:, with the collaboration of Lucas J. Morales (PhD student:

Human Practices.

Supervised by Violeta Beltrán ( with the collaboration of Manuel Porcar. Lucas J. Morales supervised modelling of the patentability equation.


Supervised by Tonny Ruiz, a 2013 Valencia Biocampus iGEMer (

Communication and logistics.

Juli Peretó.


We are indebted to Soledad Rubio and Rafa García Martínez (University of Valencia) for making possible funding and logistics; to Anna Bonmatí and C.M. Rector Peset, for housing part of the team last summer; to Daniel Ramón, Guillermo Zafrilla and Marta Tortajada from Biópolis SL, for their help and for always trusting us; to Clara Martínez and Pilar Campins for her unconditional and warm support; to Leonor Tortajada and Sonia Marín for their help with bureaucracy and administration; to Daniel González Serisola, for his decided help to the students; to Manuel Serra and the Cavanilles Institute, for their patience with our mistakes with the autoclave; to Julián Heredero, Fernando Sapiña and Rafael Ibáñez (Institut de Ciència dels Materials, University of Valencia) for kindly 3D-printing and laser-labelling our cute mini-St2OOLs; to Manuel Sánchez del Pino, Oreto Antúnez, Raquel Gavidia, M. Luz Valero for their technical support with flow cytometry and proteomics; to J.P. Beltrán (CSIC Headquarters), for his kind words and institutional support. We are indebted to Dirk Stemerding, Jane Calvert, Harald König, Simone Arnaldi, Philipp Pfingstag, and Arianna Neri for their constructive review of the preliminary version of our heterodox report on IP. We also thank Synenergene for their support. And finally, we are very grateful to all the staff in the University of Valencia and particularly to our Rector, Esteban Morcillo, without whose sincere support The St2OOL Project goals would have not been achieved.