Our Advisor

Nianhui Zhang

It is my pleasure to see the growth of the students full of energy and vitality.

Wei Wei

Synthetic biology has a large potential to create our life,and I’d like to join this amazing area and share different idea and advice in the big family.

Chuanfang Wu

IGEM is a valuable, insightful and rewarding educational experience. It’s really a great honor for me to be a team member of SCU-China.I hope everyone could enjoy it.

Our Team Members

Shaobo Qin

I’m a senior student and interested in synthetic biology .Igem is a wonderful stage to share our ideas.

Nan Wang

I want to be the one who can tell the difference between Pepsi and coke. It is not joke but the respect to characterize some abstract feeling with physical data.

Zheng Xu

I'm Zheng Xu. This is my second time to take part in iGEM. I'm glad to work ang study with our team members. We are here to chase our dreams.

Xie Weize

I am very glad that I learned so many knowledge which I can’t learn from classroom through this process.

Tang Yulong

I really enjoy the day working with our team. The iGEM is a perfect opportunity for me to challenge myself and get honor for our school. Above all, I love biology, I love iGEM.

Zhang Zhilong

I am a 2nd student in Sichuan university. I participate in experiment and help in building website. I like team work and brainstorm. Thanks foriGEM giving me a chance to challenge myself

Mengqi Luo

I am willing to share ideas with my friends,learn from others and do brainstorming together.I benefit a lot here!

Cheng Li

Hello~ My name is Cheng Li. I’m a sophomore, majoring in stomatology of Sichuan University, China. This is my first time participating in the i-GEM competition and I joined the experiment team. Although my major is different from most of the members, I made a lot of friends and had fun. Besides, I really appreciate such an opportunity because I learnt a lot that I may will never learn from the textbook. Best wishes to every team. Enjoy yourselves!

Zhou Yu

Zhou Yu is a energetic boy. He is an expert on microbiology,biochemistry and molecular biology. The most important part in his life is all kinds of food. Besides, he enjoys roller skating and LOL!

Hanling Guo

It’s my second year participating in iGEM! As the experiment leader and the main designer of our project, I enjoy every minutes working with our team members, as well as pursuiting for our goals. Come on guys, let’s have fun!

Yu Luo

This is a very special summer in my life. I have spent the whole holiday in the laboratory and enjoyed the wonderful feelings of creation. I get drunk to the huge happiness from success,and also thank for the lessons I learned from all the failures.

Junqiang Wu

A guy, who is crazy for the life science, always pay all attention to the nature. It is just me.

Junqiang Wu

A guy, who is crazy for the life science, always pay all attention to the nature. It is just me.

Fengyan Liang

As a student of BME and a fresh member of SCU_CHINA, I can feel warmth, unite, enthusiasm and insane of our team. I believe that as long as we are of one mind, nothing can daunt us. Come on, SCU_CHINA!

He Jinnan

He is a new bioler, only know something about biology science.But he is glad to learn new things. He will study more to be agoos bioler.

Yuhao Wang

Because of iGEM’s exist, I meet so many friends and learn so many things that I will never learn from the lesson in ordinary school life. We work in one lab, work for one target. We fell happy or sad together in the experiment like one family. I love my team and every teammate.

Chen Wang

Participating in IGEM Competition improves me a lot and I'm really happy to finish our own project with other team members

Ruifeng Wu

I am a sophomore in Sichuan University,originally from kunming,Yunnan,majoring in biological science.In the past few months,I have gained much more synthetic biology knowledge and lab skills.Meeting new friends and applying science was a great break from the normal day.In my spare time,I enjoy painting,reading and playing tennis.

Yuwei Liao

Hello, I am Yuwei Liao and I am in my second year majoring in Stomatology at SCU. As an medical student, I have never thought of that a tiny cell could perform so many complicated functions after being modified.  What fascinate me most is the boundless possibilities existing in genetic engineering and how iGEM make it possible to gather numerous brilliant ideas all over the world.  I am grateful for being given the opportunity to be an IGEMer!

Nannan Xie

As a major in biology technology,I'd like to explore the world of life. I'm excitied when we get something from ecpecially some thing nes. We had a good time in iGEM team.It always a memorable experience!


Here, we share every idea occur to us. I want my life filled up with work and I enjoy stay with our group, which gives us all a sense of belonging.

Hanyao Huang

I am glad to be a member of my team.And I learn a lot from this task.It will be a beautiful memorg of my life

Lin Fang

Two things fill me with constantly increasing admiration and awe, the longer and more earnestly I reflect on them: the starry heavens without and the moral law within.

Sichuan university