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Imperial Edict

Simulating Signal Analysis & Transfer Using E.coli

Our project is focusing on using the simple prokaryotes to imitate the nerve system which exists in the advanced animals widely. As we all known, the nerve system of advanced animals like human consists of 3 major parts: the receptive neurons, the central neurons, and the effector cells.

Correspondingly, we separate bacteria into 3 different communities to execute different functions and we name these 3 communities as Receptor, Transmitter, and Effector.

In details, we replace the neurotransmitter by AHL family and in the meanwhile, we construct the multiple promoter to simulate the procedure of signal receiving and processing.

In addition, for the sake of achieving the signal transmitting and analyzing, we isolate a new cell quorum sensing system—the PPYs signal pathway from photorhabdus luminescence. The mechanism of this PPYs signal pathway is similar to the AHLs pathway. The PPYs protein could catalyze the generation of ppys, a kind of small molecule which is similar to the AHL and HSL.

And then, ppys could combine with PluR protein to activate the Pppy promoter.


Some day, the emperor(cell 1) wants to know the people's life(stimulation), so he told the minister(cell 2), (1st signal).

Then, the minister went out and told the different representative of normal people(three kinds of cell 3) about this(2nd signal and signal distribution).

Later, the representative of civilians showed the emperor with their specialities.(effect: express different fluorescent protein )

Sichuan university