Team:OUC-China/Team Acknowledgment




College of Marine Life Science, Ocean University of China

Ocean University of China

Dean's Office of Ocean University of China

Qingdao Institute of BioEnergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Mao Yunxiang

Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Research interest: Conservation Genetics and Germplasm Collection of Seaweed
Molecular Genetic Breeding and Varity Improvement of Economical Seaweed
Genomic and Genetic Dissection of Economical and Stress-tolerant Traits of Algae
Reproductive Biology of Seaweed and Techniques Development of Ecological Cultivation


Wang Xianghong

Academic title: Ph. D, Senior Engineer

Research interest: Marine microbiology


Bao Zhenmin

Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Research interest: heal fish genetic breeding

Wang Min

Academic title: Professor

Research interest: Mainly engaged in Marine phytoplankton type slightly, Phytoplankton virus distribution and diversity research


Liu Chenguang

Academic title: Professor, Doctoral supervisor

Research interest: research and application of Marine biological enzyme
Molecular Genetic Breeding and Varity Improvement of Economical Seaweed
Polysaccharide biological materials and drug control-released carrier enzyme
Enzyme immobilization and nano biotechnology


Qiu Zhigang

Academic title: Associate Professor

Research interest: Environmental health and Environmental Microbiology

E-mail: or

Wang Xiaolong

Academic title: Ph.D,Senior Engineer



Brainstorming and research

All 15 team members participated in the brainstorming and research, under the guidance of former team members.

Team member Wenqi Li came up with the original idea for the double plasmid system and Zhaoliang Chen came up with the original idea for the transfection of Eukarya.

Instructor Xiaohua Zhang and Guanpin Yang gave us a lot of suggestions.

Lab work

Wet lab work was divided into two parts: construction of the double plasmid system and transfection of Eukarya.

The double plasmid group consists of Wenqi Li, Tianli Hu, Guang Xu, Ming Jiang, Yanyan Song.

The transfection group consists of Zhaoliang Chen, Junqiang Zheng, Miao Shi, Tianqi Ouyang, Wencong Shi.

There are 10 wet lab members in total.

Advisor Xianghong Wang and Huarong Guo provided us with laboratory support and experimental consumables.


Subjects on safety were discussed among the team. Safety form was finished by Tianli Hu.

Lab management was carried out by Wenqi Li, Miao shi.


Dry lab member consists of Lei Yu, Wenxin Bi, Bingrong Sun. They established the model for the lysis device.


Wiki design

Wiki was designed by Beidi Zhao, Bo li, Guang Xu and assisted by all members.

Human Practice

Team OUC-China always observes active performance in the field of human practice.

This year, human practice group consists of Tianli Hu, Ming Jiang, Guang Xu, Zhaoliang Chen, Miao Shi.


Tianli Hu handled all of the team’s expenses, while Ming Jiang, Guang Xu sought funding through various means.


Liu Yang

Kang Li

Zhong Xiaodong

Wang Yu

Sun Mengqi

Wang Wenjun

And Zhang Peiran, Wang Qiu, Sun Xue.


We would like to thank Ocean University of China for financial fundings, Lab Center of College of Marine Life Science for our lab.

We are extremely grateful for plasmid RP4 provided by Prof. QIU.

In addition, all the organizations and teachers mentioned in the Acknowledgements have sponsored or assisted us in some way, whether in material or in advising.