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Collaboration is a most beautiful part in iGEM competition, and this year we put great efforts into promoting collaboration in the iGEM community. We've been staying in very good relationship with iGEM teams in Wuhan, and have a nice relationship with iGEM teams in other country.


Meetup this year is very interesting. It allows us the opportunity of in-depth talking with other iGEM teams. This year we held The Central China iGEMers' Conference during August 23rd -24th which was a success beyond our expectation. Oh, what an experience! We also attended the Meetup held by NCTU Formosa.

Humanities and Aesthetics

Science lives in the real world of humans. As a rising field, synthetic biology might need to explore its relationship to other disciplines. Here are some "other" implications of synthetic biology in relation to our project. Enjoy!

Philosophy and Economics
Social Sciences

When the proud products of genetic engineers meet the market, the story is no longer a fairytale. On the one hand, interactions of different stakeholders become a decision game that's out of the reach of scientist; on the other hand, what about the intellectual rights if the bacteria suddenly begin making innovations by itself?

Pubic outreach
Pubic Outreach

We held a activity called Future scientists aimed at kids aged 10-15 years old, we have taught them what is DNA, what is iGEM, even how to extract the DNA from plant. Also we have launched weekly assembly called iGEM Talkx, it's open to every single student and we talk everything about biology!


Safety is very important in iGEM. And so is good laboratory practice. We launched a survey about lab practices, and held a safety seminar about emergency treatments in lab. That's really useful!

Social Media
Social Media

We chose a diversity of social platforms (twitter, youtube) to convery our ideas. Video clips and pictures are used to appeal to the audience.

Other Dream: Galaxy
Other Dream: Galaxy

We produced many wonderful ideas but since there is only one can be known as our project, we can't help but mentioning it in memory of the crazy days. The other dream has a poetic name: galaxy. And we want to creative a colorful bacteria pet. More than just for fun, "galaxy" can help do many things such as housekeeping.

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