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Integration by rewiring!

If the synthetic circuits can be rewired, we will be able to reuse the existing modules to implement another function. In our project, we alter the topological structure of regulatory pathway to process information according to the environmental change.

Balance of biology and engineering!

Modules in engineering are always independent while modules in biology are overlapping and closely related. Our integrated module is simplified as the biological module and independent as the engineering module. It can perform different function at different time.

Super Transformer!

As the development of synthetic biology, we believe our rewirable curcuits will significantly contribute to creating smart biological information processing systems. One day the cells we create will not only serve as cars to bring convenience to life, but also serve as Autobots to save the world.

Background »

When combining parts and modules to create larger scale systems, crosstalk and host overload often get in the way. In our project, we propose an elegant method to implement system integration.

Wetlab »

To realize our idea of rewirable circuit, we should conduct experiments to construct circuits, verify assumptions and test our devices to see if they work as expected.

Modeling »

Mathematic model not only has its application in the prediction and analysis of phenomena, but also contributes to the design of genetic circuits. We hope our model can prove to be insightful and of reference value to other circuit designers.

Outreach »

We devote ourselves to the enhancement of iGEM community. Besides many forms of collaboration, this year we tried to understand it in another way: Humanities and Social Sciences.

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