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Central China iGEMers' Consortium (CCiC) and Meet up in Wuhan

 iGEM encourages  communication and mutual assistance between teams. And the science should not be made behind the doors. Therefore, in June, we put forward the idea to establish the Central China iGEMers' Consortium in Wuhan University Exchange Meeting to achieve resource sharing and mutual help, which immediately got everyone's response. Therefore,  the Central China iGEMers' Consortium was formed by HZAU-China, HUST-China, WHU-China and WHU-Pharm four teams. Then, we proposed the idea to convening of the 1st central China iGEMers' meet up in Wuhan. The meetup was hosted by HZAU-China, cooperated by the other three teams. We were worried that there is only few teams will join us at first, but finally the popularity of meetup are far beyond our imagination.

Our meetup will mainly revolve around two topics, our projects at hand and team management. We have invited Zhang Haoqian and Liu yang, the accomplished former leader of PKU and OUC, as well as several other experienced former leaders to share their experience and thoughts with us, and give their suggestions.

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There are 15 teams participating in the 1st Central China iGEMers' meet up (SICAU don't have a iGEM team):
AHUT_China, BNU-China, BIT, CAU_China, HUST-China, Jilin_China, LZU-China, NJU-QIBEBT, NUDT_CHINA, OUC-China, Peking, SCAU-China, WHU-China, WHU-Pharm, SCUT, SICAU.

We also have invited two honorable guests:

Zhang Haoqian
Accomplished former leader of PKU
Title: Statistics of iGEM and Principles of Genetic Circuit Programming

Liu Yang
Accomplished former leader of OUC
Title: Synthetic Biology & Research Perspectives in Fundamental Research

To our surprised, we heard a letter from Prof. Randy Rettberg. We upload the video at our YouTube.

Of course, in order to give others a surprise, we also prepared many things:

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We also prepared lots of videos for the meeting and you can find them in our YouTube (

the 2nd iGEM Conference from August 3th to August 7th at the NCTU

Conference held by NCTU Formosa aims to deepen the connections between iGEM teams and to provide a collaboration platform for iGEMers to explore the frontiers of synthetic biology. We leant a lot from that and met many new friends.

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