Mediators for electron transport

A mediator must have the ability to be reducible by electricity at the electrodes and must have good properties for an uptake by the cell. These characteristics are for example the size to pass the outer membrane and the capability for an uptake by a protein based electron system that is encoded by appropriate genes. This subteam tries to realize an electron transport in E. coli with genetical engineering

Reactor Construction

The construction subteam works on the realization of a reverse microbial fuel cell (rMFC) in order to implement the electron transfer. The challenge is the design and construction of the bioreactor. There are many aspects which need to be considered, like the material and the dimension of the electrodes or process control issues.

CO2 Fixation

This subteam works on the transformation of a heterotrophic organism to an autotroph organism. The aim is to realize the whole Calvin cycle in E. coli. The main focus is to the use of a carboxysome for the CO2 fixation.

Production of Isobutanol

As a proof of concept one subteam works on the production of isobutanol. Our team wants to use the products of the carbon dioxide fixation to produce pyruvate as a precursor for isobutanol. This isobutanol subproject is based on the work of iGEM Team Formosa 2011 and 2012.


This subteam works on mechanisms to prevent E. coli from surviving outside of the fermenter. This subteam works on an antibiotics free selection system to improve BioBrick cloning and to reduce antibiotics usage. Besides we are working on a kill switch system for the realization of a safe future application.


This subteam models the production of isobutanol and other reactions. We want to compare these results with our experimental data in order to implement them into our project.


Our iGEM team participates at the SYNENERGENE project. In cooperation with the Athena Institut the subteam work on future scenarios for our project. This subteam has contact to different companies which could participate at the realization of our project.

Homepage and Wiki

The homepage and wiki subteam publishes new information about the team and the project on the wiki as well as on the German team homepage.

Social Media and Design

Our social media and design team is responsible for facebook and twitter where our latest information and pictures are published. Additionally they design all our project graphics for presentations and webpages.


This subteam arranges the contact with different possible sponsors. The aim is to acquire enough financial supporters to pay all team costs for participation, travelling and other emerging costs. All sponsors are mentioned in the category partners.