The Aix-Marseille iGEM Team

Team Members

Aimeric Agaoua

Hi, my name is Aimeric and I’m a third year student in cellular biology! I have always been fascinated with Science (Mathematics, Geology, Physics, Biology, …) and even if humans have already discovered every continent on Earth, there are still so many things we don't know about our own world. That’s why I chose to study Biology.

iGEM competition is, for me, an opportunity to learn more about how research happens and to meet people who are studying other scientific fields which are essential for the project. It's also a way to learn about communication, sponsorship and other things that are not biology but a part of scientific research. It's also just fun!

Alexia Satouf

Hi! My name is Alexia. Next year will be my third year of advanced studies in engineering at Polytech Marseille in the Biotechnology section. Biotechnology really interests me because of the technical and industrial aspects it brings to biology.

The iGEM competition is a very interesting opportunity to use my knowledge in Biology but also to learn new techniques. Moreover, this is an incredible human adventure for a student that really deserves to be lived!

Clara Bouyx

My name is Clara and I have been studying Cell Biology for three years. Scientific research in this field is really fascinating because it is closely linked to concrete problems such as cancer, developmental biology… Until now, my formation was mostly aimed at research. As I will enter an engineering school next year, the proposition to participate to iGEM competition appeared interesting. Indeed, it is very educative because you learn how to work in a team, how to find sponsorships, and you improve your laboratory techniques. It’s definitely a great social and professional experience!

Lambert Antoni

My name is Lambert and I have been studying Biology at Aix-Marseille University for three years. At the end of this summer, I will join an engineering school of biotechnology. I’ve decided to participate to iGEM competition in order to improve my skills. Through this adventure, I’m learning teamwork and how to build a scientific project with every aspect it can present: communication, sponsorship, and experiments. I think it’s a great opportunity to investigate fields that are different from Biology. It’s also a very interesting social experience based on solidarity. I hope it will help to improve my English as well!

Apart from that, I’m keen on music, I play the guitar a lot, and I love meet my friends at the pub!

Romain Veillard

Hi, my name is Romain and I’m studying Computer Science since three years now. My goal in this project is to help the team to document the parts they create or modify. I also have the privilege to present their amazing work on the wiki. Moreover, I don’t know anything about Biology so if I can understand what I’m publishing on the wiki, then… we can suppose that everyone who read our explanations will understand our project.

This iGEM competition is for me an opportunity to improve my skills in web designing and development, but in the mean time to learn how a scientific project is built from scratch. That’s a good experience for my future professional and social life and I really think that everyone should take part to this kind of competition.

Vincent Castel

Hi, my name is Vincent Castel and I am currently in fifth year of Mathematics. I take care in the project of the part about modelling. I have a great interest in the application of Math in Medicine and Biology. I'm going to tell you my story.

Once upon a time, in the country of Aix-Marseille University, three apprentices in apothecary (biology) and a magician (computer scientist) have created a new iGEM guild. This team needed a strategist (mathematician) who could revolutionize their project. They met the Lord of the Map (modeling) in Marseille. After this encounter, the Lord didn’t have the choice, he had to call his best knight, me. When I heard his cry of despair, I instantly responded my desire to help them. They were saved.

Then, it was the beginning of a great story of companionship and fun.
To be continued...

Team Instructors

James Sturgis

Professor of Biochemistry and director of a CNRS laboratory in Marseille, my research centers on using biochemical and biophysical methods to understand membrane protein structure, function and interactions. I recently created a synthetic biology course at the university and so was very keen to help our team turn theory into practice by participating in the iGEM.

Gaël Chambonnier

Hi everyone, after 3 years in the Lyon iGEM teams and a year lost between Lyon and Marseille, I'm back in the game. While in the first year of my PhD in bioinformatics and genomics, I'm very happy to be part of the adventure and to share my excitation for the iGEM competition and Synthetic Biology with this new French iGEM team, Aix-Marseille.

See you guys in Boston, and let's go for a summer full of Sea, Sun and ... Synthetic Biology!!!

Laetitia Houot

When I first heard about the iGEM, I thought it was such a pity this competition didn’t exist when I was an undergrad student, as it is a unique opportunity to have biologists, chemists and computer scientists working together. Now, as an assistant professor in Biochemistry at Aix-Marseille University, I’m excited to be on the “instructor side” of the team. My research interests focus on bacterial adaptation to the environment and on pathogenicity. I hope my experience of bench work will help our team to realize its ambitious project and to develop a durable iGEM spirit in Marseille !!!

Sandra Michel

Hi, I am currently a PhD student in Microbiology and Biotechnology. For me, iGEM competition is a way to discover Synthetic Biology and its potential. It is also a way to share and transmit my knowledge and my experience on the bench. It allows me to discover a new project, a new organism, new techniques and the existence of BioBrick™ standards. This could I think, within the limits of the possible, greatly facilitate the scientific community. The iGEM is, for me, as much a human experience as a scientific one and I am happy, this year, to be part of it with the team of Aix-Marseille.