Lab work

  • Part design

    Clara, Lambert, Aimeric, Vincent, Alexia

  • Chassis Construction


  • Sub-projects

    • Serine production: Aimeric, Alexia, Clara
    • ppGpp biosynthesis and degradation (RelA, Mesh2): Alexia
    • CheA-CusR hybrid two component system: Alexia, Clara, Lambert
    • GFP/RFP reporter system: Clara, Lambert, Alexia

Project Modeling


Wiki design, coding and filling



Clara, Lambert, Aimeric, Vincent, Romain, Alexia

Communication and funding prospection

Clara, Lambert, Aimeric, Vincent, Romain, Alexia

Social network communication


Poster and oral communication at the iGEM Jamboree

Alexia, Vincent, Aimeric

Creation of the iGEM-AMU association and Team member recruitment

Clara, Lambert, Aimeric, Romain


We want to thank our advisors who gave us time and support during the different steps of the project, from Team construction to final Jamboree preparation.

James Sturgis participated in the initial project brainstorming, advised on parts design, experimental procedures, interpretation and presentation of results.

Gaël Chambonnier, Sandra Michel and Laetitia Houot trained students for bench work, advised on experimental design, provided technical support and troubleshooting on experiments, advised on interpretation and presentation of results.


We are very grateful to Dr. Bouveret who kindly shared her expertise in ppGpp metabolism, established the experimental design and did the validation of the BBa_K1349001 part.


  • Host Laboratory and equipments

    To develop our project, we were hosted at the Laboratoire d'Ingénierie des Systèmes Macromoléculaires (LISM, UMR7255) CNRS-Aix-Marseille Université in Marseille.

    The LISM provided us our own lab space, office space, computers and gave us unlimited access to centrifuges, PCR machines, freezers, incubators, glassware, magic box etc..

    We want to thank Olivier, Isabelle and Annick at the LISM for technical assistance in buffers and growth medium preparation, waste management and glassware washing/sterilization.

    The Department of Biology in Aix-Marseille University lent all us the regular bench equipment for molecular biology such as small centrifuges, PCR machine, pipetmans, electrophoresis apparatus, etc.

  • Ressources

    • Plasmids pWW2181, pWW2179 and pWW2021 used as matrix to construct the CheA-CusR hybrid two component system (parts BBa_K1349005, BBa_K1349007, BBa_K1349008) are a generous gift from Dr. J. Dueber (Berkeley University, USA). Related publication: Whitaker et al. PNAS 2012.

    • Plasmid template for RelA part construction (BBa_K1349001) is the work of Dr. E. Bouveret (LISM, Marseille).

    • The original plasmid carrying mesh2 and used as a template to build our mesh2 part (BBa_K1349004) was kindly provided by Dr. B. Field (Laboratoire de Génétique et Biophysique des Plantes, Marseille).