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iGEM Grätzel Cell

In order to build a DSC with our produced anthocyanidins we designed a mounting structure that allows to assemble the cell with a few simple steps. The mounting structur was designed modularly so that several cells can be assembled next to each other and can be connected. We printed the mounting structure with a 3Dator printer using polylactide PLA as printing material. 


We designed the 3D-model of the mounting structure with the CAD software sketchup. The model-file can be adjusted in size in order to use larger glass plates. The skp-file of the model can be downloaded via the link below.

Besides from the mounting structure following componets are needed:

  • 1 conductive glass plate coated with TiO2 on one side (400x20x2 mm)
  • 1 conductive glass plate (400x20x2 mm)
  • 1 soft pencil
  • 200 µl concentrated dye
  • 200 µl lugol's iodine solution
  • 2 pieces copper wire (1.5 mm2)

1. step

Place the first glass plate with the TiO2-coating facing up into the mounting structure.

2. step

Apply 200 µl of dye-solution on the glass plate and let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

3. step

Attach the copper wires to the mounting structure. Make sure that the wire on the right side touches the already installed glass plate. The wire on the left side has to lie on the ledge where the second glas plate will be placed on.

4. step

Make sure that the applied dye has fully dried on the glass plate (excess liquid can be carefully removed with a paper towel). Cover the dried dye on the glass plate with lugol's iodine.

5. step

Shade the conductive side of the second glass plate carefully with the pencil to coat it with a thin layer of graphite. Place the glass plate with the graphite layer facing down on top of the other glass plate.

In order to check if your DSC is working connect a voltmeter to the wires and measure the voltage and current that your cell generates under different light conditions.