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This page contains the BioBricks that our team created and distributed to the registry. BioBricks are the standardized building blocks of synthetic biology, they usually consist of circular DNA (plasmid) and a DNA sequence coding for a specific function like a protein or a promotor. The finalised BioBrick is based on the pSB1C3 vector which contains defined restrictions sites for an easy assembly and a chloramphenicol resistance for selection purposes.

In general three levels of complexity are distinguished:

- Simple parts like proteins, promoters, RBS, terminators

- Devices which consist of wired parts like a RBS in front of a protein sequence

- Systems are interconnected devices (like electric circuits) e.g. a combination of promoter, RBS, protein and terminator

Via combination of parts and devices a wide range of new functions can be generated. Assembling multiple parts can be achieved by recombination of cut parts.

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