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Curly'on - IGEM 2014 INSA-LYON

During the CurLy'on project, we undertook to assist other teams and participate in meetups to spread and share the iGEM spirit!

Collaboration with Paris Saclay

One of our main collaborations was to create a 3D printed Lemon mould. We had some difficulties because it was a new technology and we weren’t familiar with it, so we had to contact a mechanics teacher to help us make the design. We also had a basic training in 3D printing in order to learn how to use the scanner and the printer.

The mould creation involved two main steps.

First, we had to calibrate a scanner in order to digitalize the lemon structure.

Scan proceeded

Figure 1 : Lemon 3D scanning

Then, we designed the mould with the coordinates given by the scanner.

Collaboration Saclay

Figure 2 : Lemon mould design

And finally, we printed it with a 3D printer and sent it to the Paris Saclay team in Paris.


Figure 3 : 3D printed lemon mould

With the mould, the Paris Saclay team could give the shape to their bio-lemon and they got pretty good results!


Figure 4 : Lemon mould and biolemon!

In return, they distributed our biology perceptions surveys in French schools.

French Meetup

french meet up

We sent a team to the French meet up organised by Paris Bettencourt , Paris Saclay and Evry. During the meet up, we shared our work with the other teams, and presented our project.

We had some talks about bioethics and made a video with the help of Paris Bettencourt. In this video, we tried to make a vulgarisation of our project so people that doesn’t have a scientific background could understand it’s importance and its applications.

les filles au labo

We also could discuss with the Paris Saclay team about our project of collaboration for the 3D lemon mould.

And finally, participated as a guinea-pig for Paris Bettencourt’s project, "The Smell of us !". We wore their sweat patches and smelled some samples for their project.

Other collaborations

We sent our parts to LMU-Munich and helped NYMU-Taipei team by sending them parts from our previous project Biofilm Killer and answered their questions.

We also answered the surveys sent by Linkoping_Sweden about the peanut allergies.