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School projects

We are currently working together with the Kaiser Karl Gymnasium in Aachen on a school project involving the 9th Grade Biology/Chemistry class. In cooperation with Dr. Schwab we infomr the pupils about synthetic biology and our project.

This includes not only the biological background but also cool experiments we are doing together with the pupils! If you want to already get a sneak peak at these experiments check out our blog #5 - Building a website .

Stay tuned for more information

iGEM Meetup and public iGEM presentation in Aachen on the 13. and 14. of September

If you are a member of a german (or german speaking) iGEM Team and you want to take part or just want more information go to our Meetup page or you can contact us directly at

If you are not a member of an iGEM team but you are still interested in visiting our public iGEM presentation on the evening of the 13. Septmeber you also find your information over at our Meetup page . Also you can always write us an email at

Your ideas are welcome!

If you want to do anything public relations related with our iGEM team, feel free to contact us at