Visiting Team Bielefeld

On the way back home from the Maker Faire, René, Florian, Ansgar and Michael suddenly found themselves in Bielefeld, the city they thought didn't exist (read more about the Bielefeld conspiracy). After a moment of disorientation, they called our friends from Bielefeld-CeBiTec who invited them on some cake and a discussion on iGEM.

Aachen BielefeldVisit1.jpg
Aachen meets Bielefeld

After many years of iGEM participations, they gladly gave us useful advice that helped a lot in planning the forthcoming months of our iGEM project.

And of course our delegation did not miss the opportunity to invite them to be alpha-testers of our fluorescence-measurement device.

Aachen BielefeldVisit2.jpg
Simon and Janina are testing our fluorescence-meter