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Measurarty, the evil player in the game of Celloc Holmes and WatsOn. Measurarty is the pathogene detection logic behind our project. Using our Measuiarty algorithm we want to automatically detect pathogenes from the chip photos delivered by WatsOn, without human interaction. Besides reducing the risk of human errors, this makes our device usable by almost everyone.

Measurarty - An Introduction

Our device control software is able to take images of incubated chips in the device. Yet that does not bring is close to the answer of the question

Is there a pathogene detected?

In fact, answering this question seems trivial for a human. Just check whether there has a colony grown in the chip and you're done. It's even easier with our chip system, because these show fluorescence wherever a pathogene has been detected.

But is this an as easy task for a computer? Actually not. The task of automatic detection is tried to be answered from several disciplines in computer science, starting with pattern recognition over machine learning and finally by medical imaging chairs.

We would like to present a pipeline here for this task, that makes use of easy segmentation and classification algorithms. First we segment the target image using Statistical Region Merging (SRM) in order to find regions of similar properties. After this step we can apply a segmentation using histogram thresholding in HSV color space to find candidate regions for pathogenes. Finally a classification algorithm can detect the pathogene on our chips.

Statistical Region Merging (SRM)



function [mask seg] = automaticseeds(maskedImg)


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