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iGEM 2014 Calendar of Events

Note: Make sure to check the calendar periodically for any changes!

February 14 iGEM 2014 registration opens
March 31 iGEM 2014 registration closes; Team registration fee due
May DNA Distribution Kit sent to teams
May 01 iGEM 2014 Late registration closes
May - September Meet ups taking place!
June - September Check-Ins due before acquiring or using certain biological materials
June 19 Open Office Hours -- ask safety questions, meet other iGEMers! (More office hours will be scheduled later in summer.)
June 23 About our Lab form due
June 28 High School Jamboree
July 18 Giant Jamboree Registration Opens
July 21Preliminary Safety forms due
July 25 Track selection due
August 15 Team project descriptions due
August 30 Project titles and abstracts due
September 01 Final Safety forms due
      (*optional*) Measurement Interlab Study Signup Deadline at 11:59PM EDT
September 05 Giant Jamboree attendance fee due at 11:59PM EDT
September 05 Team rosters due
September 19       (*optional*) Measurement Interlab Study Data due at 11:59PM EDT
October 1 Submit necessary Check-Ins for materials you used before the Check-In Form was available
October 10 [ BioBrick Part DNA due at the Registry] (parts must be received by this date for medal and awards eligibility) (Wetlab teams only)
Project and part documentation due, including documentation for all medal criteria
[documentation due as part of wiki freeze and judging form deadlines below]
October 17 Judging form due
Giant Jamboree wiki FREEZE at 11:59PM EDT wiki FREEZE at 11:59PM EDT
[there is no longer a Registry wiki freeze deadline]
Additional Part DNA due to the Registry (not required, however parts are not eligible for medals and awards)
Judges Assignments distributed
October 30 to Nov 3 iGEM 2014 Giant Jamboree, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, Massachusetts

Medal and awards criteria will be determined by the judging committee. When the criteria have been finalized, we will announce it on the main page!