Jamboree/Team Roster

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In order to get a final list of team members, each team must finalize their team roster by August 15. For your roster to be finalized, each team member must have a user account and be listed on the Team Information page. All members must be confirmed and NOT listed as "pending" (i.e. they should be in the Team Roster section of the Team Information page. See this example).

The roster will be used to create participation certificates, so check for spelling mistakes, and be sure to include all members who participated over the summer, not only those who will be attending the Jamboree(s)! For more information on how to add members, or edit your Team Information page, see the iGEM Team Registration Handbook.

Undergraduate / Overgraduate placement

See the Requirements page for information on team composition.

The undergraduate / overgraduate software has been activated, and your team has been automatically placed into one of these two sections according to the ages of your student members.

    The rules surrounding overgraduate and undergraduate teams are:
  • Undergraduate teams = ''ALL'' student team members are 23 or younger
  • Overgraduate teams = 1 or more student team members are 24 or older
    If your team was placed in the overgraduate section but you believe you are in the undergraduate section, check that the following apply to your team:
  • All your student team members are 23 or younger
  • All of your student team members have entered their age
Note: If there are ages missing from any of the students, the software will automatically place the team in the overgraduate section. To fix this, have your team members log into their user account, click on "My Account", and enter their age information as of March 31, 2014.