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Visit the Safety Hub to see this year's safety requirements. The Safety Hub is the central page for everything related to safety in iGEM. You can also go there to learn about general biosafety topics, and how to think about the future implications of your project.

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Please use this page to write about anything related to safety in your project.

Your Lab

Use this section to tell us about your laboratory. Where is it located? What sort of equipment do you use every day? Have you decorated it for the summer? How do you look wearing a lab coat? Take pictures! Show off your space!

  • Now : Read the Safety Hub and learn about safety in iGEM. Ask questions by emailing safety at igem DOT org .
  • Now - Jamboree: Complete Check-Ins and receive approval before acquiring and using certain materials in your lab
  • Now - Wiki Freeze: Edit this Safety page to tell us about what you're doing
  • June 9: Submit the About Our Lab form.
  • Let us know by June 25 if you will need an extension on the Preliminary Version, or your Preliminary Version will be significantly incomplete.
  • June 30: Submit the Preliminary Version of the Safety Form.
  • Participate in Virtual Open Office Hours to ask questions and discuss safety topics (exact date to be determined).
  • September 1: Submit the Final Version of the Safety Form.
  • October: Wiki freeze (exact date to be determined)
  • October 30 - November 3: GIANT JAMBOREE!