On July 25th 2014, the iGEM team SCU-China from Sichuan University went to our school and communicate with us. We exchanged our project with them. We led them to our lab, talking about the school life in school respectively. The number of people from SCU was 6, and at the end of the activity we gathered to have a lunch.


We sat together to chat, and briefly talk about our project and experimental schedule. The students from SCU were astonished that we chose plant as our target organism, because the lifecycle of plant is a little bit long and that was also why they chose microorganism as the targeted object.

Visit our lab

After a small talk, we led them to our culture room where we placed our transgenic tobacco. We introduced the transgenic tobacco to them, and briefly gave an account of the experimental schedule of our project. We all felt a little bit nervous whether we could finish our project in time at the end of September.

One member of SCU iGEM team was introducing their project after listening to our project. They said they were astonished by the desire of us to use plant as experimental materials. And they expressed their views on our experiments.