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UCL Biochemical Engineering An excellent international reputation derives from a shared passion to understand how life science discoveries can be converted into commercially viable products on a truly global scale. The UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering is at the forefront of bioprocess research and boasts a long tradition of innovation. This year the department has provided us lab-skill training, supervision, lab facilities and funds put towards lab supplies, maintenance stipends, and event organization.

UCL IDTC The mission of the UCL IDTC in Bioprocess Engineering Leadership is to develop the next generation of international bioindustry leaders. Researchers are given unprecedented opportunities to explore novel science and engineering in a process and business context relevant to future leadership roles in the international bioindustry.

EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies The EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Emergent Macromolecular Therapies provides an international lead in improving the way in which new biomolecules and processes are developed for manufacture and delivery to the patient. The Centre acts as the focus for a National and International network of leading users and academics in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and provides strong support for UK industry. Flagship research projects are directed to developing techniques to assess the manufacturability of new biopharmaceuticals very early in the development process while new decisional tools will aid the definition of the process sequence and help optimise the cost of goods and facility fit for new products.

Wellcome Trust The Wellcome Trust is an independent charity with a vision to achieve extraordinary improvements in human and animal health through the funding of biomedical research and promotion of public scientific awareness. This year, in conjunction with BBSRC, the trust has provided us with funds for maintenance stipends and lab consumables.

BBSRC The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research council is the lead funder of academic research in the biosciences for British Institutions. BBSRC’s mission is to “Promote and Support, by any means, high-quality basic, strategic and applied research, relating to the understanding and exploitation of biological systems”. This year, in conjunction with the wellcome trust, the council has provided us with funds for maintenance stipends and lab consumables.

Biochemical Society The biochemical society aims to advance the molecular and cellular biosciences, to promote their impact on biotech, agriculture, and medicine. This is achieved through publication, scientific meetings, and grants for scientists and students. This year the society supported us through funds put towards maintenance stipends and lab consumables.

UCL Engineering One of ten faculties at UCL, Engineering Sciences contains eleven departments who undertake research and training across a great range of disciplines. Producing scientists and engineers who take discoveries from life sciences, pure maths, psychology and many other areas, mix them together, add their own innovations and produce solutions the world needs.

Society for General MicroBiology The society for general microbiology is the largest microbiological society in Europe. It promotes understanding of microbiology to a vast range of stakeholders through publication of academic journals and organizing international scientific conferences. This year the society supported us through funds for maintenance stipends and lab consumables.

UCL Mathematical and Physical Society The internationally renowned faculty of mathematical and physical sciences at UCL ‘encompasses the logical, experimental and mathematical study of our universe’. This year the department provided funds for travel expenses on our visit to Basel.

New England Biolabs New England Biolabs is a world leader in the production and supply of reagents for the life science industry, with robust environmental and corporate policies on sound ecological practices. This year they have provided us with essential lab kits.

SnapGene Snapgene is a user-friendly, multi-purpose software, which provides a simple user interface for construct design and clone verification. This year we have been provided with free temporary licenses to access their software.

SynBiota Synbiota is an open science platform, helping scientists make discoveries faster and cheaper. This year the group has funded our Art collaboration with Central Saint Martins.

GeneOracle Gene Oracle is now making GeneIOS its patent pending gene synthesis software and synthesis kit available to the research community for the first time.

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