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The Tech Museum of Innovation is a science and technology center located in San Jose, California. Our mission is to inspire the innovator in everyone. This year, we are trying to do just that with synthetic biology through our participation in iGEM!

This is the first time a museum has entered the iGEM competition We are excited to prototype new ways in which we, as an institution, can offer novel activities to excite and educate our community. Therefore, the goal of our project is to create an exhibit that engages the public in a hands-on synthetic biology experience.

Importantly, we want to allow people of all ages and with no biology background to become part of our museum iGEM team. To tackle these goals, we developed an interactive activity in which visitors are involved in both making and analyzing multi-colored bacteria.

We hope to use our project e.pixels (e.Mosaic) to get people interested in and excited about the power of synthetic biology. Colored bacteria are cool!