iGEM Team Saarland 2014


Aline Loehfelm, Andreas Riske, Aurélien Strehl, Denise Pirritano, Fabian Riske, Lukas Jarzembowski, Marc Finkler, Maximilian Ehrhardt, Nicolas Ecker, Philip Hartz


Jennifer Folz, Julia Michely

Handled Challenges

  • Project planning
  • Project organisation
  • Laboratory work
  • Sponsoring
  • Ethics project (RPG)
  • Team wiki
  • Website programming
  • PR work
  • Preparation for Jamboree (Lecture, Scientific poster, Banner)

Graphic Design

Design and concept were created by Jennifer Folz. Most of the graphics were hand-drawn scanned and digitally edited.

Saarland university

The iGEM Team Saarland would like to acknowledge the following groups, institutions and individuals for their support:

Department of Zoology/Physiology – Neurobiology

Prof. Dr. Uli Müller
Prof. Dr. Müller kindly provided us with materials for our experiments and the premises where we could conduct these experiments.
[ TO: Department of Zoology/Physiology – Neurobiology]

Department of Plant Biology

Dr. Dierk Wanke
Dr. Wanke kindly provided us with experimental materials and a laboratory where we conducted our experiments.
[ TO: Department of Plant Biology ]

Department of Biochemistry

Prof. Dr. Rita Bernhardt
Prof. Dr. Bernhardt kindly provided us with materials for our experimental work and contacts to sponsors.
[ GO TO: Department of Biochemistry ]

Department of Experimental Physics

Prof. Dr. Christian Wagner
Dipl. Phys. Andreas Gross kindly helped us with viscosity measurements
[ TO: Department of Experimental Physics ]

Department of Molecular Cell Dynamics

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Martin Simon
Dr. Simon provided us with valuable advice regarding gene synthesis and codon adaption.
[ TO: Department of Molecular Cell Dynamics ]

Department of Physiology

PD Dr. Elmar Krause
Dr. Krause kindly helped us with the laser scanning microscopy.
[ GO TO: Department of Physiology ]

[ for Human- and Molecular Biology]

Prof. Dr. Roy Lancaster
Prof. Dr. Lancaster kindly helped us by providing financial aid to our project and contacts to media organisations (university press office).
[ GO TO: Department of Structurbiology ]

Prof. Dr. Manfred Schmitt
Prof. Dr. Schmitt provided us with good advice regarding the realisation of our experimental procedures.
[ GO TO: Department of Cellbiology ]

Press and Communication Team

Melanie Loew kindly helped us with public relation work.
[ GO TO: Press and Communication Team ]