Team:SJTU-BioX-Shanghai/Team Members



Yaojin Sun
I am taking responsibility of team management and modeling work. For the past eleven months, We has experienced laugh, argument, enjoy and improvement. One thing that never change is my trust to my teammates, to our project, to our dream. I will always be with my team, moving forward without fear.
I come from School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, majoring in bioengineering. I’m mainly in charge of enzyme polymerization verification and help with TAL construction as well. I love the science lab, because that’s where I meet true friends. Hope we can all have a great time in MIT!
Yangyang Li
Science aims to discover facts, but leaves us free to find our own values. Welcome to see our crown, and hope you find the one of yours.
Kang Ren
Zhou Qiao, a junior student in Zhiyuan College, major in Bioscience. Responsible for TAL ligation ,protein expression and inverse PCR. Enjoy and improve!
Qiao Zhou
I am a junior student majoring in biotechnology and I have learned a lot in participating in this challenging competition and our amicable team. I joined in other team members to do the plasmid construction and was responsible for the purification of target protein.
Xuemin Pan
Hi,my name is Xiangdong Bu ,a sophomore form Life science and technology school of SJTU. It is my great honor to join the SJTU-BioX-Shanghai iGEM team. I cherish this opportunity and have an attic faith that our team will do the best for this year’s jamboree.
Xiangdong Bu
Still young,still naive.
Renhe Luo
“You look like a giraffe!” they said.
What I have done for our team is to assist in constructing the main part and remould vectors
Ziyang Tan
Karin Yaragi
I'd like to explore every beautiful star of the science universe and enjoy every charming moment during the journey, with you, my friends!
Xingyu Wang
I'm a sophomore student majoring in life science. I choosed life science because of the beauty of life. I took part in iGEM because we can take advance of the beauty to make a better world.
Jiannan Ye
I'm a student major in life science. However My interest is not only in life science but also in many other fields. So I participate in wiki construction.
PeiYu Liu
I'm responsible for wiki design and human practice part. It is iGem that bring me into the amazing new world of web design. Really appreciate this opportunity.
Yaan Ge
Life is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself. Be critical. Be creative. Be introspective.
Binhan Hao
I am Chen Ming and you can call me Carina. For most of the time, I took part in the wet lab part of our project and sometimes helped with the dry lab. I am outgoing and humorous so I think I am our team’s delight. What’s more, I like doing thing of challenge and creation, so the iGEM team is a prefect place for me. I love iGEM!
Ming Chen
This guy served food for our meetings and was too lazy to have done one piece of our experiments.
Yitian Yao
Yan is a senior student majoring in Computer Science, who's also interested in designing work. She works for HP department in IGEM. Mostly in charge of the designing of promotion items.
Yan Jiang
Hello everyone! I'm a 4th year Biotechnology major and I enjoy working in the lab. Motivated by the infinite possibility of synthetic biology, I joined SJTU-BioX-Shanghai to begin my own iGEM career. Since I previous involved in scientific research and social activities, I'm sure that this summer will be a fantastic journey of iGEM.
Yue Shen
Hello, I am Chen Mingzhao. I am a hard working student especially do the thing I am interested in. Furthermore, I am a person with great perseverance. I did some help for the team.
Mingzhao Chen
Male, occupied but available. Love reading novels.
Jianye Shi


Ph.D., Professor, DirectorGenetic biologist, Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fellow of TWAS. Professor and Director of Bio-X Institutes, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor and Director of Institutes of Biomedical Scieces, Fudan University. Professor and PI of Shanghai Institute for Nutritional Sciences, SIBS, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Lin He
Ph.D, Associate Professor, Co-Principal Investigator. He has won two golden medals of International Genetic Engineering Machine Competition as an instructor of SJTU-BIOX-SHANGHAI team in 2009 and 2010. Dr.Ma provided us the basic facilities and reagents for our experiment and gave us advice in system construction as well as in our experimental process.
Gang Ma


Viola Wang, the research assistant in Synthetic Biology Lab of Bio-X Institute. Focusing on the gene circuit regulating device development and biofuel biosynthesis pathway modification.
Viola Wang
Head of Strategic Business Development, Merck Millipore Greater China,joined Merck in 2006 right after she got her Ph.D of Physical Chemistry from Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research Stuttgart in Germany.
Manxi Zhu
A member from last year's SJTU-biox-Shanghai team. He gave us essential help during brainstorming.
Yifan Wu