Team:NRP-UEA-Norwich/HP Collaborations


NRP UEA Norwich iGEM 2014


Parts Collaboration

We have collaborated with iGEM teams from across the world in a few ways, one of which is providing parts for other teams to use. We supplied the Valencia_UPV team with our chromoproteins (AmilCP (Bba_K1467201) and AmilGFP (Bba_K1467202)) so they could use them alongside their TA29 promoter and barnase to build their biosafety modules (for more information about these parts please visit the Valencia_UPV team's website). They also submitted some of their parts to the registry using our MoFlippers and sent us their biosafety modules.

New RFC with Cambridge and Valencia_UPV iGEM teams

We joined forces with both the Cambridge-JIC and Valencia_UPV teams to develop a RFC (Request For Comments) as we hope to define a standard that is based on type-IIS restriction endonucleases. All three projects used this method of assembly as well as employing a plant chassis. We are also running a workshop at the Jamboree to tell everyone about the benefits of using plants and the type-IIS restriction endonuclease-mediated parallel assembly method.

The 2014 Cambridge iGEM team visiting the NRP-UEA iGEM team labs during the summer to discuss collaborations.


Part of the iGEM ethos is open communication and the collaborative nature of scientific research, which requires interactions between teams and projects. We have attended all the UK meetups (Oxford, Sheffield and UCL) in order to see how or if we can help any other projects or if any projects could help us. We also had a great time meeting and talking to everyone!

Alistair, Jess and Cara at the Oxford meet up!

Alistair presenting Green Canary at the Sheffield meetup.

Group picture from YSB 2.0 Meet up from September 2014 courtesy of Kent iGEM team.

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