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Biophrame Technologies focuses in innovating, developing and improving technologies based on synthetic biology to create optimized and sustainable industrial processes which can guarantee quality products for our customers.

We believe the biotechnology we develop can help us not only to optimize time and resources, but to take care of the environment and improve the lives in our community, both regional and global. That is why raw material used in our processes is waste from other industrial process of other companies.


Our main product is 'BioK' chitosan. Chitosan is a natural fiber product with multiple applications in pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, water treatment, textile finishing, food, cosmetics, pulp and paper, photography and tissue engineering. BioK is the result of a biological production process based on genetically modified organisms which is productive, cost effective and waste reductive. In our process, chitin extracted from shrimp shells waste undergoes a process of demineralization, deproteinization and deacetilatyion by the action of two bacteria. The behavior of these bacteria is controlled by induced temperature changes, guaranteeing no chemical use in the process.

We are strategically located in Guadalajara, the second most populated city in Mexico and responsible of 7% of national gross domestic product. Our goal in the long term is to fulfil the Mexican demand of medium and high purity chitosan and to become the first Mexican exporter of high purity chitosan. We want to create dream jobs for young Mexican engineers and export our biotechnology worldwide.

Biophrame Technologies is a biotech company and manufacturer specialized in the production of Chitosan.