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This year, HKUST human practice group made a handbook about the basic information people should know when starting a human practice team. We decided to make this project in mid-August, mainly due to the fact that we did not truly understand the objectives of human practice. By the time we realized this, we did not have enough time to develop a project that could have a substantial impact. If only we had a clear guidance on taking the first step of starting a human practice project, things would have been much better. Our main objective of making this handbook is to give an insight into future iGEM teams across the globe to create meaningful projects.

Our handbook contains a simplified version of the definition and purpose of human practice, also some ideas on how the human practice teams can deliver their main project. Beside those, there are examples of some of the best teams which won the best human practice award along with tips and tricks from these awardees as well as the judges.

We sincerely hope that our handbook can help the future human practice groups in helping to create their unique pathway in promoting synthetic biology to the public, which is the essence of human practice. You can download the handbook in PDF format here.

Human Practice Start-up Kit Handbook

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