Team:HokkaidoU Japan/Projects/Overview/Achievements


Project Overview



  • Team registration.
  • Complete Judging form.
  • Team Wiki.
  • Poster and a talk for the iGEM Jamboree are ready and obey new 2014 poster guidelines
  • We descripted all attributes clearly in our project, referring to the iGEM 2011 Imperial College Acknowledgements page.
  • We built, characterized, and documented several new parts: BioBrick


  • We experimentally validated that several new BioBrick Parts or Devices of our own design and construction work as expected.
  • We documented the characterization of those parts in the “Main Page” section of those Part’s/Device’s Registry entries.
  • We submitted those new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.
  • We consider problems about ethics, sustainability, social justice, safety, security, or intellectual property rights .We considered our problem in Safety and Discussion.


  • We improved the function of an existing BioBrick Part or Device, enter this information in the Registry.
  • We collaborated with eight teams as iGEM Japan in The 86th Annual Meeting of The Genetics Society of Japan in Nagahama, Shiga. From HokkaidoU, five members joined to this event.
  • We described a new approach that our team used to address some questions and evaluate our approach ; Safety and Discussion.