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iGEM Team attributions page

Each team must clearly attribute work done by the student team members on this page. The team must distinguish work done by the students from work done by others, including the host labs, advisors, instructors, and individuals not on the team roster.

Why do we have this requirement?

Attribution Template

We have this requirement to help the judges know what you did yourselves and what you had help with. We don't mind if you get help with difficult or complex techniques, just be sure to report the work your team did and the work that was done by others.

For example, you might choose to work with an animal model during your project. Working with animals requires getting a license and applying far in advance to conduct certain experiments in many countries. This is something that is difficult to achieve during the course of a summer, but much easier if you can work with a postdoc or PI who has the right licenses.

A great example of complete attribution comes from the Imperial College London 2011 team (scroll down to the bottom of their team page to see attributions).

Here are some of the fields we recommend you have on this page. If there are other areas not listed below, but applicable to your team/project, please feel free to also list them on your attributions page. Please feel free to remove any areas not applicable to your project.

  1. General Support
  2. Project support and advice
  3. Fundraising help and advice
  4. Lab support
  5. Difficult technique support
  6. Project advisor support
  7. Wiki support
  8. Presentation coaching
  9. Policy & Practices support
  10. Thanks and acknowledgements for all other people involved in helping make a successful iGEM team.