We would first and foremost like to thank all of our sponsors for their generous contributions, which enabled and sustained our project. None of this would have been possible without the following companies and organisations:


We are also indebted to all of our supervisors - Dr. Jon Marles-Wright, Dr. Louise Horsfall, Dr. Chris French, Dr. Patrick Cai, Dr. Baojun Wang and Dr. Alistair Elfick - as well as our instructors.

Anna would like to thank David S. Radford , Maryia Trubitsyna and Nick Pantidos for their help with all kinds of lab work, Alejandro Salinas for help with primer design and scripting for the transfer of data from excel (co-written by her brother Krisjanis Kokoritis), Elvis Bernard for his help with the plate reader, and also Joseph White, all invaluable for carrying out the degron sub-project.

Sam and Philip are grateful for the help offered by Dr. Garry Blakely, Dr. Andrew Free and Dr. Sam Brown - not affiliated with the iGEM team but who nevertheless gave up some of their time to help with the planning of the population regulation sub-project.

Yuma would like to thank Dr. Joseph White and Dr. Chaokuo Liu of French labs, for their help in the design of the PEA knockout cassette, and for providing cells transformed with lambda red.

Charlotte would like to give thanks to Dr. Chaokuo Liu also for providing the initial xylanase construct, and also to Dave Radford and Maryia Trubitsyna for their tireless help with the primer design and ordering.

Carrie is particularly grateful to Louise Horsfall for getting her constructs synthesised after many stubbornly failed PCRs.

Dr. Jane Calvert, Dr. Emma Frow, and Dr. Pablo Schyfterf from the School of Social and Political Science were very helpful for Elize and Chiara for listening to and providing feedback on our human practices project.

Dr. Sam Brown provided valuable insights to Cesar in the development of the population control model.

We'd also like to give a general 'cheers!' to our labmates in the Chris French lab for putting up with, to our supervisors for picking us, and of course to the MIT team for offering to host us after the jamboree is over - cheers!