Dundee 2014


With a Little Help from Our Friends

We would like to thank all of our instructors and advisors, without whom this project would not have been possible. Professor Tracy Palmer, Dr Fordyce Davidson and Professor Frank Sargent guided the team throughout the duration of the project. Their experience and expertise were crucial to the progression of the project and their support got us through long hours working in the lab. Our advisors; Karim Rafie, François Cléon, Avril Smart and Scott McCrimmon worked closely with the team to help us achieve our goals, providing critical advice and feedback throughout. Dundee iGEM 2013 alumni Chris Earl and Nasir Ahmad provided us with indispensable support and advice on all aspects of the project. Richard Owen and Lucia Licandro gave input on the project based on their iGEM experience.

We would also like to thank all of the members of the Division of Molecular Microbiology, in particular:

Frank Sargent Lab We extend thanks to all of the members of Frank Sargent’s lab. Particularly Professor Frank Sargent and Marilia de Costa. Their advice on the wet team’s work and support with protein work and florescence microscopy was extremely valuable to the team. We would also like to thank them for the equipment and resources supplied by Frank Sargent’s lab.

Tracy Palmer Lab Our project was aided by the valuable support and advice from Tracy Palmer’s lab. In particular, we thank Professor Tracy Palmer and Dr Grant Buchanan for their advice and assistance with molecular biology techniques and Dr James Chalmers for his input on clinical microbiology associated with Cystic Fibrosis.

Robert Ryan Lab We would like to extend thanks to Dr Robert Ryan and his lab members including Dr Shi-qi An and Connor Bowen. Their donations of Burkholderia, Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas gDNA and advice regarding bacterial signalling were invaluable to the success of our project.

We would also like to thank:
Dr Sarah Coulthust: for supplying us with Vibrio fischeri for testing our device.
Dr Jackie Heillbron - MMB manager
Louise Fisher - MMB secretary
Anna Vainikka - MMB technician
Dr Nicola Stanley-Wall - Reader of Molecular Microbiology

We would like to thank Maths PhD students Heather Wallace, Liang Wang and Laoshen Li for their help with the mathematical modelling.

Dr Steven Reynolds
We would like to thank Dr Reynolds for his advice in the design of the electronic circuit.

Dr Mike MacDonald
We would like to thank Dr MacDonald for giving his time to talk to us about how medical devices are constructed in industry. Also for the advise about the use of optics.

Our Experts:
CF Patients
A heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the CF patients who inspired and influenced the team and our project in many ways. Below is a list of people who were interviewed, but we would like to thank and acknowledge many others who approached us with enthusiasm and helped shape the project.

David Carter
Robbie Marshall
Jamie Campbell
Rebecca Collins
Grant Grey-Brown
Holly Robb
Ricci Bratt
Robert Harrison
Lucy Clarke
Leanne Dingwall
Emily Howard
Siannon Cuthill
Linda McAllan
Scott Cameron
Chris Walker
Gemma Matheson
Michael Lyall

We would also like to extend our thanks to the Cystic Fibrosis clinical staff based at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, for their advice regarding clinical aspects of Cystic Fibrosis.

Dr James Chalmers - Respiratory physician at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee
Dr Helen Rodgers - Respiratory physician at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
Lawrie MacDougall - CF Clinical Nurse Specialist
Gill Brady - CF Clinical Nurse Specialist
Ali Smith - Physiotherapist
Alison Marshall - Dietician
Ash Sinclair - Clinical Psychologist
Brian Cox for publicly supporting the project. Mark Roughly and Avril Smart for their artwork. STV, the Courier and the Telegraph for helping us spread our message to the public. The Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Trust, in particular Mr Ed Owen, Dr Janet Allen, and Mr Oli Rayner for the opportunity to talk at the UK CF 50th anniversary conference. Mr Drew Photography for conducting a photo shoot with the team. DNA Sequencing Services for providing us with free DNA sequencing. Dr Sarah Hussain and Roddy Isles for helping us spread the word of The Lung Ranger.

We would like to thank the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences, Eppendorf and New England Biolabs for their donations of equipment and resources.

We would also like to thank BBSRC, the Wellcome Trust, the Biochemical Society and the Society for General Microbiology who funded stipends for 50% of the team, BBSRC EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership who funded one stipend and consumable costs and the University of Dundee and the Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund for funding the remainder of the stipends and our attendance at conferences and the Boston Jamboree.

Finally, we would like to thank the iGEM foundation for organising the iGEM competition.