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This is the gel station of the Buchler lab.

Friendly, if not nonsensical, reminder to refill the TAE buffer if you finish it.

This is the weighing station, where we make media and conversation.

One of the lab's thermocyclers, where we carry out polymerase chain reactions (PCRs).

This is the iGEM lab bench, where we make our magic happen.

This is the cold room located across the hall from the lab, where we store media and plates.

This is the cold room shelf reserved for us, with plenty of media bottles and petri dishes.

Garima checking on some plates growing in the incubator.

This is the gel photo station, which uses UV light to visualize gel electrophoresis results.

Once the door is closed, UV light illuminates the ethidium bromide intercalated in the DNA.

Our very own iGEM fridge!

These boxes contain tubes containing all of the plasmids we currently work on.

Oligonucleotides ("oligos") are mainly used as primers for PCRs and sequencing.

Delta can make anything into a photo op, even inspecting the fridge.

The neighboring Crawford lab graciously lets us use their Nanodrop.

The Nanodrop is a spectrophotometer, used to measure DNA concentration.

Get it? Dr. Buchler's a "fun guy!"

Garima also loves photo ops, especially with gel-making microwaves.

This is the lab's flow cytometer, a very sophisticated and useful piece of equipment.

We call her Velma because the color scheme reminds us of the Mystery Machine.

The coffee machine is named Luigi.

We make fat stacks. Of gel photos.

This is the cave at the back of the lab, with lots of space to do "dry" science.

Our 3D-printed roller drum for culture tubes, designed by Matthew Faw.

Yes, it works! See how the power supply attaches to the body?