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The wet lab portion of our research was conducted in Cornell’s Biomedical Engineering instructional lab run by Dr. Shivaun Archer. Dr. Archer provided us with lab facilities including a gel imaging station, microscopes, sterile hood, centrifuges, thermal-cyclers, and vortexes. Finally, she assisted with training of new members on laboratory equipment and advised the team on safety.

Professor David Wilson at Cornell generously provided our team with strains of E. coli containing the genes nixA, merT/merP, and GST-crs5. Dr. Wilson and PhD Candidate from the Wilson Lab, Nathan Kruer-Zerhusen aided with project planning and were always available to answer questions pertaining to the strains from the Wilson Lab.

Dr. Nelson Hairston generously provided the team with information on the pollution at Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY.

Dr. Xiling Shen provided the team with advice throughout project planning and technical expertise on synthetic biology. Additionally, Dr. Shen provided feedback on our presentation and wiki materials.
Metal quantification performed using ICP-AES was done by staff at Cornell's Nutrient Analysis Lab. Sequencing was performed by staff at Cornell's Biotechnology Resource Center.

We'd also like to extend thanks to the many faculty and staff at Cornell including Rebecca Macdonald, Sue Bulkley, and Emily Tompkins who help us tremendously with team organization, relations, and business.

Thank You!