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Bronze Medal Requirements:

Team registration.

Successfully complete and submit iGEM 2014 Judging form.

Build up the iGEM wiki and the Registry of Standard Biological Parts to share a Description of our team's project and our team's parts.

Present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.

Build up the attribution and acknowledgement page to clearly attribute the work done by student and others.

Document three new standard BioBrick Part or Device used in our project and submit these parts to the iGEM Registry.
Parts number:
BBa_K1472601   [Received, Accepted]
BBa_K1472606  [Received, Accepted]
BBa_K1472610   [Received, Accepted]

Silver Medal Requirements:

Experimentally validate that one new BioBrick Part and one Device of our own design and construction works as expected.

Document the characterization of the parts in the Main Page section of that Part's/Device's Registry entry.
Parts number:
BBa_K1472601   [Received, Accepted]
BBa_K1472606  [Received, Accepted]

Submit these new parts to the iGEM Parts Registry

iGEM projects involve important questions beyond the bench, for example relating to (but not limited to) ethics, sustainability, social justice, safety, security, or intellectual property rights. Articulate three question encountered by our team, and describe how our team considered these) questions within our project.
In our Safety page, we encountered several issue relating to our project: General public Safety, Environmental Safety & What new risks might arise from our product growth.

Gold Medal Requirements:

Improve the the BioBricks BBa_K925001 by codon-optimizing the sequence for E. coli.
The new improved parts : BBa_K1472610

Provided assistance with the computer simulation of the “Nitrogenase System” project of the Chinese University of Hong Kong iGEM Team.

Bootstrap 101 Template