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Our Mentors
First, we as the Caltech iGEM team would like to thank Professor Richard Murray for giving us the opportunity to work in his lab over the summer.
We would also like to thank Victoria and Anu for all their help as our co-mentors, giving us constant guidance during our research and putting up with all our antics for an entire summer.
Additionally, a special thanks goes to Yong Wu and Nathan Dalleska for assisting us with the liquid chromatography/mass spectroscopy measurement and data analysis. Also, thank you to Kathleen Gilbert from Caltech Safety Office for assisting us with the safety portion of our project.
Financial Support
We'd like to thank the Caltech Housner Fund, the Caltech Moore-Hufstedler Fund, the Caltech Division of Biology and Bioengineering, the Caltech Donna and Benjamin M. Rosen Center for Bioengineering, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for their generous financial support that made this research possible.
Corporate Sponsors
We additionally would like to thank our corporate sponsors for generously giving our team lab supplies this year, specifically Geneious, New England Biolabs, IDT, and Bio Basic Inc.