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News from the Lab I

Currently we are working in the lab with several plasmid DNA constructs which we have created according to a paper published from a korean group to magnetize E.coli. Therefore certain steps are required, first we had to transform the plasmids into E.coli (Nissle 1917) after growing overnight (ON) at 37°C we did a preculture (LB and appropriate antibiotics) also at 37°C, ON. For fresh and competent cells the next day we to do a new approach, we inoculated LB + Antibiotic with the preculture from yesterday. After growth until OD600 0.6 we induced with Isopropyl-β-D-thiogalactopyranosid (IPTG) and added the substance what was crucial for the magnetization of E.coli. After 12 up to 16 hours of incubation E.coli is tested by microscopy.

Hooray, we´re Responsive!

We´re making progress: Everyday, our site looks a little bit better and getting more awesome functionalities. And since a few days also the responsive web designs works! This means for you, that our website displays properly on every device, screen resolution and browser. So when you want to learn more about magnetic E.coli while you're on the move with your smartphone, just open and check out what our team is doing right now! And if something is not working as it should, just send us a short issue notice via mail and we will take care immediately.

Extraordinary TLD

From now on the iGEM Team Berlin has its own website with the Top Level Domain (TLD) “”!
The “.berlin” TLD is out since 18.03.2014 and is one of only three GeoLocated Domains worldwide.
So we are up to date!

Awesome Graffiti

Our iGEM Team is in contact with several artists from Berlin.
In order to bring synthetic biology to the street and therefore to the public mind…
Leo made a graffiti iGEM-Logo for us.
So now we are also known in the street art community!