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ERASynbio Jamboree registration credit

ERASynBio is pleased to invite applications for the 2014 iGEM Giant Jamboree registration credit (Boston, October 30th - November 3rd). ERASynBio will provide credit for ca. 20 iGEM teams to cover part of their registration fee, in the minimum amount of 1000 EUR.

Visit their website for more details!

A maximum of one application per iGEM team is permitted. Applications can be made by the iGEM supervisor / advisor or by a representative from the team. However, all applications must be supported by a named project supervisor / advisor with a lecturer or equivalent level position at an institution in an ERASynBio partner country. A full list of ERASynBio partner countries can be found on the ERASynBio website. Applicants must complete the attached form and return it to Kim Turk (kim dot turk at gov dot si) by July 14th.